Your Healthiest New Year Ever – Top Four Additives to Avoid

by Lisa Golebieski, M.S.

Make a healthy resolution by avoiding the top four additives that are bad for your body.  It’s the easiest way to make this your healthiest New Year ever!  Begin by reading labels while you shop.  Look at all of the ingredients listed for these top four to avoid:

  1. High Fructose Corn Syrup
  2. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
  3. Hydrogenated Oils (Partially Hydrogenated)
  4. Artificial Colors

Why is it important to avoid these top four bad boys? Well, the main reason is because they are foreign to our body’s chemistry.  When we consume something that is unnatural, our bodies do not know what to do with it…..they do not metabolize normally in the body.  For example, hydrogenated oils do not break down easily which means it accumulates in our arteries.  Over time, it can cause blockages damaging our hearts.

Think of it this way….our bodies were meant to consume food naturally from our earth not the man-made chemicals from a laboratory.

There is much controversy about High Fructose Corn Syrup….primarily because it is a processed form of sugar and most of the corn grown today is GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms).  Too much sugar in any form is not good for our bodies BUT eating natural forms of sugar in moderation/smaller amounts is acceptable.  Keeping the minimum of 20 grams per day.  Some natural forms of sugar are honey, molasses, raw cane, stevia,  agave and monk fruit.  Give these a try in the coming year and read those labels because High Fructose Corn Syrup is in many foods that you think it would never be found in such as bread, ketchup and sauces.

Monosodium Glutamate(MSG) can trigger headaches to those who suffer from migraines.  It is also an allergen to the body which can cause inflammation.  Many people may be sensitive to it but do not realize that the MSG could be the reason they don’t feel well after consuming it.   Monosodium Glutamate can be found in can gravies/soups, chips such as Doritos, and some Chinese foods (if the restaurants use it).  Many processed foods in a can may have MSG which is why it is important to read our labels very carefully when shopping or ask the server at a restaurant if they used Monosodium Glutamate in their foods.

Be most aware of hydrogenated oils….these do the most damage to our bodies. The package may say Trans Fat Free but if the ingredient label includes Partially Hydrogenated Oil….it still contains Trans Fat of at least .5 mg per serving which does not seem like a lot but if you consume many servings, the milligrams will add up significantly.

Artificial colors have been known to affect brain chemistry especially in those with ADHD.  Again, artificial coloring is not natural and therefore foreign to our bodies.     It creates a haywire effect to our equilibrium.   Some companies have banned the use of artificial colors in their foods such as Pepperidge Farms for their Goldfish colored crackers.  They now use turmeric, beets and natural greens for coloring. Look for natural coloring when shopping for products that have colors.

Teach your family, friends and children how to read food labels and find the four culprits that are very prevalent in products found in supermarkets.  The easiest place to shop is at stores that do not carry products with any of these ingredients.  These stores include Whole Foods, Trader Joes and local privately owned health food stores.  They have strict standards about the products they allow on their shelves and providing healthier food options are their priority.

Let’s all make a conscious effort this year to shop more wisely and not allow these foreign four into our diets.  By just taking the time to read labels you’ll make your body healthier 365 days a year.

Here’s to a happier, healthier you…..for life!

Lisa Golebieski, MS, Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Certified Health Coach 

  • Nutritional Counseling and Coaching
  • Nutrition Seminars
  • Diet Plans
  • Supermarket Smart Savvy Tours


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