Hands at Sides

Ever see a young child with her arms reaching out, up towards her mother or father?

I think it’s just the cutest thing to see.

But beyond just being cute, it also represents something powerful: the child hopes that the parent will notice and pay attention, and has faith that she will get what she needs.

She also has that childhood courage and trust that allow her to reach out in the first place, and she feels the love and caring that exist between herself and her parent.

Hope, Faith, Courage, Trust, Love, Care

These are the things we all are born to feel.

We are born to reach out in Courage, Hope, and Faith. In other words, we are born courageous, hopeful, trusting, and faithful.

Then life kicks in, and a new list of emotions replaces the original list: fear, suspicion, aggression, control, hatred, and isolation.

These “new” elements command us to keep our hands at our sides in fear, control, and isolation, rather than out in front of us in Faith, Hope, and Love.

We withdraw into our own little worlds and have no Hope or Faith in others or in the world around us.

Opportunities lost. Relationships gone.

Isolation replaces connection.

Hands at sides instead of up in front.

And then we do it to our kids, and the cycle continues.

Anthony Ferraioli, M.D.

Author, LVAC Nation!


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