Happy Healthy Resolutions

by Lisa Golebieski, M.S.

Let’s start off the New Year with realistic goals that will keep us happy and healthy each and every day.

The first step is to avoid deprivation while trying to lose a few pounds. No one likes to be deprived in any way, shape or form. That includes taking away foods that you enjoy. Simply continue to eat the foods you love by reducing the amount or serving size or by changing up the ingredients using lower fat, lower calorie options.

Did you know that by simply reducing the consumption amount of the same foods you love, you will automatically lose weight? Yes, it’s true! It’s a simple equation. The MAIN reason we gain weight in the first place is because we OVER eat.

There is no need for fad diet plans as they only work short-term. You don’t need to sprinkle a chemical on your food, eat one food for weeks such as grapefruit, soup, no carbs, etc… Your body needs a variety of foods to keep it healthy and provide optimum energy. Eating only one food or avoiding all carbs will only backfire.

Ever wonder why there are serving sizes ? Serving sizes have been available for decades. The reason it is there is because it is to help maintain a healthy weight by avoiding overeating. Read the serving sizes on containers/packages and follow them.

Eating out can be a challenge with serving sizes – it is best to split your dish and take home half of your meal for leftovers the next day. Just take a knife and cut away half of your meal before eating. This will help create a visual boundary of what you will be eating vs. what you will be taking home.

One of the best tricks to avoid overeating is to eat slower…. it takes 15 minutes for your brain to know that you are eating. If you eat smaller amounts of food at a slower pace enjoying each bite, your brain will catch up and you will feel fuller and not overeat.

Again, think about how we gain a lot of weight in the first place…how did we get there? By overeating and the simple equation is to eat less of the foods we already like. If we reduce the amount of food that caused the weight gain from the beginning, we will simply lose weight without trying that hard.

It’s simple….and yet we all look for these quick easy solutions to change our diets to lose weight when the real solution has been there all along. Eat in moderation! Yes, we should include more fruits and vegetables, whole grains and water…you have heard it all before and this is nothing new BUT the real way is to be happy while trying to obtain a healthy weight and that includes eating what you enjoy but in moderation, smaller amounts and be wiser about ingredients.

Go and enjoy the New Year but keep the smaller scale in mind….remember to keep the words “one serving” on your mind. You will be amazed of how just reducing the AMOUNT of what you love to eat will help your body metabolize differently to obtain a healthy weight that is just your size.


Lisa Golebieski, MS, Holistic Nutrition Consultant


  • Nutritional Counseling and Coaching
  • Nutrition Seminars
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Cell: 973-464-7542

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