The Healthy You vs. The Other You

Guest Post by Lisa Golebieski, M.S.

My friend Anthony Ferraioli, MD recently wrote about ‘The Three Yous’ and his brilliant concept also applies to health and well-being.  There is a part of us that would like to eat everything healthy, consuming the right foods, exercising and getting enough sleep which I call the “Healthy You”.  Then there is the “Other You” that would rather eat foods that fancy our taste buds, put off exercising for another day when you feel up to sweating and staying up later than you should.  There will be times when the “Healthy You” is motivated and sticks to a new healthy routine but then sometimes the “Other You” competes to take over.

How do we become the “Healthy You” and stay that way for life?

There is no simple solution BUT if we work on becoming the “Healthy You” all while allowing the “Other You” to visit us every now and then we can achieve better overall health.  What I mean is, if we are eating healthy Monday through Friday, exercising 3 days a week and getting to bed a little earlier each night, we can allow our “Other You” to visit on weekends…perhaps eating something you really enjoy, relaxing without lifting a finger and going to a late night movie.  I call it a 80/20 split…80% “Healthy You” and 20% “Other You”.  This way the “You” that is healthier for us will outweigh and win the competition.

There was a blog I wrote called ‘A New Year For A New YOU’.  That concept also applies here.  Try making small steps each month to achieve a healthier lifestyle.  Maybe it’s eating a fruit and vegetable with every meal, reducing the amount of sugar intake, cutting out soda, taking a multi-vitamin, doing a 15 to 20 workout…anything (even if it’s just ONE thing) to jump-start and let the “Healthy You” emerge.

We all know that the “Healthy You” will make us feel our best, our most vital, and full of energy…. so once we capture that feeling we will discover this is the“You” we will be always want to be.

The choice is ours and since our goal in life is to live as long as possible, our good health is the only road that will take us there. They always say “if you have your health, you have everything”  It something money can’t buy.  Our life is precious and we only get one.  Let’s chose the “You” that is best for our longevity and I bet I know which one we would all pick!

Lisa Golebieski, MS  Holistic Nutrition Consultant


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