Getting (and staying) Connected in Your Life

So this morning, I was reading all about “Bluetooth keyboards”.

Apparently, you can buy a special keyboard which actually connects to your tablet computer (iPad or otherwise) via a wireless, Bluetooth signal, and it will communicate the keys you type into the tablet as you type them.

Wow. Now, if only we can find a way to connect ourselves with the people and events in our lives, we’d be as happy as an iPad with a new Bluetooth BFF!

We Need to Connect

In today’s world, it’s too easy to stay disconnected from one another.

We’ve got iPads, laptops, smartphones, Kindles, Nooks, and all other sorts of paraphernalia, all designed to keep us up and running, stimulated, and entertained.

They even keep us connected to one another, in cyberspace that is.

But what about real connection? With live people?

The fact is, and we’ve known this for a very long time, we humans are social creatures. The problem, however, is that human interactions and human relationships can be complex, difficult, and even hurtful sometimes.

Someone I knew who happened to be a devout evangelical Christian, once said, “The problem with churches is that there’s people inside them.” I had to laugh when I heard him say that.

Yes, the problem is often “the people”, but they are also the solution. We really need one another, no matter how screwed up we all are to whatever extent; to listen, to opine, to accompany, to witness.

Childhood vs. Adulthood

Yes, I know that, often, the way people have gotten hurt in life began in their childhood years at the hands and with the words of other people.

And yes, I also know that getting hurt and betrayed doesn’t end in childhood. We continue to do it to one another all the time, especially the closer we get to each other.

But I also know that, when push comes to shove, we’re better off with and amongst one another than isolated and alone.

And I know that, as imperfect and, at times, as downright nutty and immature as we humans can be, we can also, when shown even the slightest amounts of empathy, love, and compassion despite our screwy-ness, slowly transform or at least have moments of being the people we were meant to be–both for ourselves and for one another. We have to help each other get there with a balanced mix of both kindness and gentle confrontation or questioning; acceptance and validation mixed with questioning and change.

So let’s give each other another chance, shall we? Starting today, challenge yourself to take a deep breath, keep your faith, and reach out to someone either by phone or in person with a renewed sense of hopefulness. Come, join us again, won’t you?

(BTW: no txtg allwd, LOL.)

Anthony Ferraioli, M.D.

Author, Don’t Get Married! (Unless You Understand a Few Things First)


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