Mental Well-Being

By Lisa Golebieski

Stress, especially during the holiday season, can take a toll on our bodies not only physically but also mentally.  It can contribute towards the development of many diseases, insomnia and a deficient immune response.   In general, stress weakens the body from the inside out.  The digestive tract tends to be most affected by stress followed by neurological and circulatory systems and lastly the muscles which accumulate some of the tension and toxins produced during the stress response.

Here are some ways to cope, reduce and eliminate stress from your life:

  1. HAVE MORE FUN – Do things that you enjoy and that help you to relax.
  2. EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS – Emotions need regular venting; unexpressed emotions are the building blocks of stress, pain and illness.
  3. EXERCISE – Regular physical exercise is a great way to clear tension and feel good.  Include massage therapy, yoga and meditation for complete relaxation.
  4. DEVELOP GOOD RELATIONSHIPS – It is important to have friends in whom you can confide and find support.
  5. EXPERIENCE LOVE AND GRATITUDE – Experiencing love and gratitude with others or even pets is known to be the ultimate way to reduce stress.
  6. EAT A WELL-BALANCED DIET – Three healthy meals and two snacks per day.  Avoid high amounts of sugar, caffeine or alcohol.  Take digestive enzymes to assist with digestion of cooked food.

As an added benefit, I have put together (after much research on vitamin therapies) what I call the Anti-Stress/Sleep-Aid Cocktail which consists of the following:


Vitamin C             500 – 1,000 mg           Helps with mineral absorption

Calcium                 500 – 750 mg

Magnesium            350 – 500 mg

Potassium              300 – 500 mg

L-tryptophan         500 – 2,000 mg  OR  5-HTP (5-hydroxy-tryptophan)  50 –200

Note:  Tryptophan is only available through compounding pharmacists and doctors.  You can readily find 5 HTP in natural foods stores and pharmacies.  Please check with your physician before taking any supplements.

This cocktail is best taken one to two hours before bedtime.  Start with the lowest dosage and work your way up if needed.

Make the holidays or any other time of the year stress free so you can enjoy all the fun and happy times life has to offer.


Lisa Golebieski, MS  Holistic Nutrition Consultant


  • Nutritional Counseling and Coaching
  • Nutrition Seminars
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Cell: 973-464-7542


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