Getting Back To Nature

by Lisa Golebieski, M.S.

The way we live every day goes against our nature.  Biologically we are modern Homo sapiens who happen to be (animal) primates.  We forget about that since we are so preoccupied with the lifestyles we created in everyday life.  Hence, we have many primal needs that get ignored.  We need to pay attention to making changes that will encourage a lifetime of good health the natural way.

  1. Get Your Body Moving–  In the age of the cave people, it was considered survival to walk and run to gather food, water and supplies.  Today we call it cardio.   The body naturally needs exercise to keep it in prime condition and help improve brain chemistry.
  2. Soak Up Some Natural Light – Human beings need sunlight as we thrive on being outdoors.  Back in the day when we lived off the land, getting enough sunlight was never an issue.  But today many of us spend hours in fluorescent-lit offices/buildings or offices with no windows .   We thrive on sunlight for our mood, energy and well-being.  Vitamin D, which your body manufactures from the sun, is critical to our overall health.   It is recommended to get 10 to 15
    minutes of sunlight per day without sunscreen.  As a word of caution, do not over-expose yourself to too much sun in order to avoid sunburn.
  3. Eat Food That Is Real –  Foods that grow in the earth , like vegetables, nuts and fruits are power foods for the body.  Nothing refined, synthetic or hydrogenated should be consumed as our bodies are not meant to metabolize food that is not natural.
  4. Beware of Predators –  Keep prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs to a minimum. Only take what is absolutely necessary.  Too many OTC’s or prescription drugs create havoc on the body, especially the liver.
  5. Connect With Others Face to Face – As primates we are inherently social beings and enjoying bonding with others.  Ironically, while us Americans are more “connected” than ever, we’re also increasingly cut off from each other. We feverishly text, e-mail and use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, but have less and less quality face time with people we really care about.  Our virtual reality is devoid of the essential primal elements of bonding, namely touch, eye contact and the processing of pheromones.  In order to satisfy our human need to bond, sometimes it is best to go back to “the olden days” and be in the presence of others.
  6. Get Plenty of  ZZZ’s–  Naturally we should be going to bed when the sun sets and get up when the sun rises.    Most of us, because of our busy lifestyles, are not able to abide by the natural rhythms of our bodies and the earth. The gold standard  is eight hours of sleep every night.  We require this amount of sleep to conserve and restore energy.  Put away computers and televisions at least one hour before going to bed.  Staring at a glowing screen can suppress the natural production of melantonin, a hormone that’s critical to the normal sleep-wake cycle.
  7. Create Some Healthy Downtime –  Naturally we require time to unplug, unwind and go play.  Anything to just give our bodies and mind a rest on a daily basis.   Emptying our minds allows us to think more clearly and recharge our batteries.   Find an outlet every day even if it’s just for five minutes to just sit, relax, talk a walk or day dream.

Keep all these tips in mind as your body will thank you for the many healthy years to come!

Lisa Golebieski, MS  Holistic Nutrition Consultant


  • Nutritional Counseling and Coaching
  • Nutrition Seminars
  • Holistic Diet Plans
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Cell: 973-464-7542


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