Keeping The Motivation


If you have already began living a healthier lifestyle by eating better, exercising, reducing stress and keeping your weight under control, here are some ways to stay motivated and maintain your new way of living.  After all, we only have one life to live and we should make it the absolute BEST one we will ever have in every aspect of
our lives!

1.  Keep the Confidence

The more you accomplish, the more you’ll believe in yourself.   When you see how far you have come in improving your lifestyle, the more confidence you have in keeping it that way.  That is motivation in itself!

2. Make the Week Easier

Ever felt like a week was taking forever? It feels like Friday, but it’s only Tuesday?   When you have a goal in mind, the week will not only go faster, but it will also be more enjoyable.   Every week schedule something fun and new that you can look forward to.

3. Give yourself purpose

Every once in a while, we need a good reason to get out of bed.  Eat the healthy breakfast that’s going to jump start your day, go for your morning jog/ walk, listen to your favorite CD/music to get you going, contact a supportive friend for extra inspiration, etc….When you’re motivated, you have a reason to do what you do.

4.  Daydream

Take some time every day to daydream!  This is a favorite because when you daydream you can “envision” your continued goals and new desires making them that much more attainable to you.

5. Power of Momentum

It’s a scientific fact – something in motion tends to stay in motion. Momentum builds quickly and can lead to great results. Suddenly, you’re not only working for the goal, but also to keep your streak alive.

6. Spread the Spark

When friends and family see how hard you’re working, they’ll wonder how they can reach their own goals. Guess who they’re going to look to for help? By staying motivated, you’ll not only help yourself, but others too.

7. Keep Gaining Experience

The more you do, the more you will learn and understand. You’ll discover which tactics work best for you and which ones don’t. It’s like weeding out the garden – not the most enjoyable job in the world, but when you’re done, all that’s left are beautiful

8. Reward Yourself

What’s better than rewarding yourself for all you have done to accomplish your goals of a healthier lifestyle!  Some ideas include trying something new that you have never done before, going to a favorite restaurant, seeing a play, going to a movie/concert, spending time with family or with a special friend, making love with your spouse or significant other (Did you know that a healthier lifestyle also boosts libido? An added bonus!) Choose anything that you personally find rewarding and makes you happy!

For more motivating wisdom click on the attached link from Dr. Ferraioli entitled Living Deliberately


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