What’s The Real Deal? Putting Your Body First

You see and hear it everywhere…from television ads visually enticing you to buy what LOOKS fun and nutritious to eat, on the radio you hear inviting ads about the latest soft drink, snack food or fast food specials, in your mailbox supermarkets provide you with circulars which contain sale items that depict huge savings, and newspapers include coupon packets used to market new food items and promote specific foods.   There are also billboards, signs and displays to attract your attention.

We have yet to see fruits, vegetables, whole grains and antioxidant foods advertised in this manner…all of which are the absolute BEST for you and your body.

Ever notice as soon as you walk in the supermarket you can smell the bakery department, and then as you walk the isles you’re bombarded with displays of cookies, soda and tempting treats.


Well, businesses know what tastes good to us and that these types of foods (high in sugar, salt and fat) are BIG money makers.  After all, they do appeal to our human taste buds.

Let’s start protecting our health and giving our bodies’ real whole foods…the kind that will encourage it to run properly and give back to our lives the longevity we so desire .

The steps we need to follow in order to help put our BODY FIRST include:

  1. Be aware of supermarket circulars and what is considered a “good deal”.  If it’s for an item that is processed, contains primarily sugar, salt and hydrogenated fat,  it’s NOT a “deal” at all.
  2. As a fun game, get a circular (excluding circulars from Whole Foods, Trader Joes and the like) and circle all the healthy foods in the entire ad (EXCLUDE what LOOKS healthy such as sugar laden yogurts/drinks, processed cheese, anything in a can or box, diet items such as sugar-free, fat-free or low fat….all of these don’t count).  See how many healthy foods are ACTUALLY on sale….I can just about guarantee you the percentage will be less than 10%.  Ask yourself now how you feel about those deals at the supermarket and why are the majority of foods on sale the ones that are not good for you?
  3. Read your labels!  Look for foods that contain good amounts of vitamins, minerals, proteins and good fats such as omegas and olive oils.  If there is ZERO nutritional value to the food, put it back!  I repeat “put it back!”  Why eat something your body will not benefit from?  In order to live…we need to provide our cells, blood, tissue, bones, muscles and organs with proper  nourishment and it must be the appropriate kind of sustenance.
  4. When clipping coupons, look for saving money ONLY on the foods you know will be healthy for you and your family.  Again, what might seem like a “deal” is
    really not if it’s for EMPTY high calorie foods with no nutritional benefit.
  5. Teach your family about the concerns of television ads, radio ads, billboard advertisements, etc..  How they are only used to market and advertise foods but that it does not necessarily mean they are good and healthy for you.
  6. Shop the perimeter of the supermarket (avoiding the bakery) for the healthiest food choices.  The frozen food section is also an excellent aisle to find frozen fruits, vegetables and other healthy choices.
  7. Lastly, remember “everything in moderation”.  If there is a birthday, holiday or special event,  by all means buying  a treat or foods that you crave is certainly okay (just remember not to overindulge) .  It’s when you continue to eat that way EVERY DAY that it becomes a concern to your body and overall health

In the long run and as a cost savings…if you avoid the “DEALS” and coupons for the junk food and put your money towards purchasing more fruits, vegetables, and whole foods, your actually buying healthier choices for the SAME price you would be paying for all the chips, soda, cookies, cakes, etc…

Let’s all become smarter consumers and wiser shoppers.  Remember YOU and YOUR BODY come FIRST.

We only get ONE body so let’s take the best care of it while we live each day of
our lives.


Lisa Golebieski, MS, Holistic Nutrition Consultant


  • Nutritional Counseling and Coaching
  • Nutrition Seminars
  • Diet Plans
  • Supermarket Smart Savvy Tours


Cell:  973-464-7542

One thought on “What’s The Real Deal? Putting Your Body First

  1. Such a great reminder that processed foods can be avoided if you read labels. Although it;s hard at first, the process becomes fast in a hurry. Better yet, whole veggies and fruits don’t have labels – no problem!!

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