What Did Your Parents Feed You?

Mmmmm….remember the aromas and tastes from your childhood?

They can bring back many warm and comforting feelings….hence why the saying
“comfort food” was invented.  Do you still crave these foods or make them for your own family?

Perhaps it was an ethnic dish, a special dessert or something as simple as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I remember the scent of artificially flavored red fruit punch in my school thermos, the texture of a spiced ham, salami or liverwurst sandwich on Wonder white bread and the excitement of eating a package of Yodels, Ring Dings or Twinkies for dessert.

I ask myself, are these foods, which still exist today, something I would want my own children to consume and make memories with?    Was I harmed by what my parents fed me?  Probably not….BUT since I cannot see what is inside of my arteries…only time will tell.

Many food chains we have grown up with such as Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonalds, Burger King and KFC have their own distinct signature scents and tastes that were developed in laboratories to attract, allure and embed our memories to crave and associate their specific foods with pleasure and comfort.  Interesting… huh?  But so very true!

This same theory holds true to what our parents cooked in the kitchen and what we learned to love eat as a child.  What we must discover are ways to keep the foods we consider comfort by changing up the ingredients we cook with to make it healthier and by choosing whole foods rather than processed ones.

Most parents tell their kids or perhaps we were told by our own parents:

“I want to see you lick your plate clean”

“You can have dessert only if you eat all of your dinner”

It can put pressure on a child to try and eat everything on their plates especially when they become too full to finish it.  This can become the birth of obesity over time and then “rewarding” with dessert can create an unhealthy habit.  Looking  for a sugar fix after eating a meal becomes an automatic response that the body  (via the mind) craves.

Let’s take some time to really look at our diets and how it was developed, created or passed down from our parents.  Their goal was to feed and nourish us to grow up happy and healthy and we love them dearly for that.  We as adults have this same goal in mind for ourselves as well as for our families and we are living in very fortunate times to have an abundance of healthier food choices and a wealth of information available on how achieve a life full of good health because as they say “if you have your health, you have everything!”

Eat Well…..For Life!

Lisa Golebieski, MS, Holistic Nutrition Consultant

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3 thoughts on “What Did Your Parents Feed You?

  1. I grew up with a mom working too many jobs so we ate when we could and what we could & sometimes it was only one meal a day. I learned to stuff myself once a day & that was how I ate for a long time. I was also told the “clean your plate” thing – mainly because when you dont havve a lot you dont want to see food wasted.

    I have done my best to break this cycle & NEVER make my kids clean their plate – heck sometimes they dont eat a bite & so be it! I also make sure they eat SOMEthing 3 times a day even if it’s a PB & J sandwich and they also get a snack during the day so their bodies dont learn to store fat like mine did. I never want my kids to be obese & and go through what I did as a kid.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story aspiemomandwife! Glad to hear you are breaking the cycle of “cleaning your plate”. Sounds like you’re doing a great job and your kids are very fortunate for that.

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