What’s Eating You? The Birth of Bad Habits

Ever realize why you eat?

Besides being hungry…do you think there are other reasons for eating perhaps to satisfy a loss or make you feel better….this can be the birth of bad eating “habits”.

From early childhood sometimes food is used to “validate” feelings….it becomes a friend and provides comfort from feeling isolated, ignored, estranged and alone.  While family and friends may be present in our lives, we may still feel a disconnect with them if we are not heard or acknowledged.  This can have a huge impact on a child’s overall health and well-being as they grow into adulthood.

Obesity is linked to higher rates of cancer, heart disease, elevated blood sugar leading to type II diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, not to mention depression and/or emotional imbalance caused by the very reason they became obese in the first place.

What can we do to avoid the birth of bad eating habits?

First and foremost, we cannot go back and change the past or regain validation that has been lost,  once we realize the reality, we need to learn to love ourselves, to seek out new friends and opportunities to help give new meaning to life and enrich it with love and acceptance.

We must want to have the ambition, drive and desire to live the life we were all meant to have when we were born…a happy, healthy fulfilling journey into a ripe old age of 100!  There are statistics that say we all have the potential to reaching and even surpassing 100 years of age if we eat a healthy diet, exercise daily, reduce stress and keep a positive outlook. Why not spend the prime years of your life trying to get there?   That in itself should be the best motivator there is as we only get one life to live and we might as well spend every day living the best life we can.

As we embark every day, start new healthy habits…try eating more fruits and vegetables, choose whole grains, fresh fish and lean meat, drink more water, start a new exercise routine whether it’s walking, skating, bike riding, playing frisbee, golf…any type of activity you will enjoy.… just go for it!

Over time you will discover that the only “habit” we should all have through acquiring a healthier lifestyle is laughter, love and happiness!

Live Well…..For Life!

Lisa Golebieski, BA,
MS, Holistic Nutrition Consultant

  • Nutritional Counseling and Coaching
  • Nutrition Seminars
  • Diet Plans
  • Supermarket Smart Savvy Tours



5 thoughts on “What’s Eating You? The Birth of Bad Habits

  1. Great information! I’ll pass along to friends and family who struggle with bad eating habits. Look forward to more posts. Thanks, Lisa. 🙂

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